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The Physics Department of the University has been in existence since 2007 with an objective to provide the physics education of both, pure as well as applied nature, especially, in the field of energy, which being the most important domain of science. Hence, globally occupying the most prominent place among the thrust area activities, even recognized by the department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, that needs to be emphasized on in an integrated fashion by actively involving the industrial sector in general and energy generation plants in particular in order to contribute towards solving the problem of severe energy crisis and the environment related issues. The department offers five courses:

  • Integrated B.Sc.- M.Sc. (Physics)
  • M.Sc. (Physics)
  • M.Sc. Tech. (Energy Studies)
  • M.Tech (Solar Energy)
  • M. Phil. (Physics)

Department in consultation with academicians and the energy professional/ technocrats and physicists as per the modern needs of the subject so that students can perform better in competitive examinations. The curriculum of the courses have been discussed during the Committee of Courses (COC) meeting of the Physics held every year, which have been circulated to the COC members scientists, industrialists and academicians. After approval, the programmes curriculum is submitted to the academic council of the University for finalization. Every year, the curriculum of programme is reviewed and inputs from the academic departments and industry is included to maintain the quality and employability of the courses. The curriculum provides the theoretical and practical knowledge, and in addition, gives the exposure of training in the institutes /organization like BARC, IGCAR, CAT, IPR, TIFR, IITs to PG students. Further, students are encouraged to participate and be a part of organizing seminars, workshops, meets, schools and conferences. The department takes care that regular classes are held along with various activities for enhancing the knowledge and personalities of the students. Seminar, presentations and discussions are regular feature. Further, department has course coordinator for the each programme. The coordinators monitor the classes, attendance of the students, and modern needs of the curriculum of the courses and they ensure the objectives of the programmes. Department is collaborating with other universities and industry persons to achieve the objectives of continuous improvement in course content and teaching and research. 


  • Strengthen the theoretical & experimental capabilities of the students. Comprehensive theoretical and experimental knowledge in major areas of Physics such as material science, plasma science, energy studies etc.
  • Enhance the problem solving approach of the students through tutorial classes, regular tests and pre-examination tests with special attention on National Eligibility Test (NET)/Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)/Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST) syllabus.
  • Generate placement avenues along with the academic alliance with power sectors, industries/corporations, scientific institutions like BARC, CAT, IITs, IPR, IISc, DRDO, SINP, IUC, IGCAR, ONGC, IBM, DGFC, forensic laboratories, energy sector etc.
  • Motivate the students towards research.
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