Department of Biotechnology

Department Profile

India is among the top 12 biotech destinations in the world and ranks third in the Asia Pacific. Biotechnology is an exquisite amalgamation of various aspects of science like Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering, Nanotechnology, Plant Tissue culture, Animal Tissue culture etc. The Department of Biotechnology in the self financed stream was established in the academic year 2019.The department has a team of highly efficient and well qualified teaching faculties. The curriculum is crafted to impart basic knowledge, current advancement and understanding about the subject. The department has all the necessary facilities required for modern-day teaching including smart classrooms and major equipments such as growth chambers, microscopes, phase contrast/ dark field microscope, BOD incubator, photomicrography facility, uv-visible spectrophotometer, ELISA systems, laminar safety cabinets, deep freezers, cooling centrifuge, orbital shakers, digital precision balance etc. Industrial/research lab visits, as a part of curricula, are arranged to have a glimpse at the role of microbiologists in various production and research.

Career Opportunities

The post graduate course in Biotechnology offers excellent opportunities in various sectors like academics, research and industries in private/public sectors/autonomous organisations. The Indian biotech industry is expected to grow at a high rate by 2025. Excellent career opportunities are available in bio-pharmaceutical companies, food industries, dairy, breweries, cosmetics, paint, petroleum, metallurgy, textiles, vaccines, water purification industry, enzyme production, soap & detergent industry, bio-fertilizer production, horticulture industries, conservation organizations, beverages industries, vaccine production, bioinformatics, gene mapping. Students can start industry as an entrepreneur in various sectors like healthcare, agriculture, tissue culture etc. Students get jobs as scientists in renowned research institutes like  CSIR, ICMR, BARC, DBT, TIFR, CFTRI, IMTECH, NBPGR,NBAGR, NIV,NDRI,CDRI,CCMB,CDFD,NCCS,IVRI,FRI,NCL etc.


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