IT Cell

Department Profile

Vision of the IT Cell

To be recognized as a leader in providing the world class Information Technology usages at the education institution. 

Mission of the IT Cell

We intend to help our stakeholders (students, faculties, employees, Government and other associated organizations/people) to be informed and dedicated to providing information and IT facilities. 

Introduction of the IT Cell

Information Technology is the backbone of the success of every organization especially for an education institution. The IT cell of the University has been constituted with an objective to create a speedy and rapid functioning of the administrative work and academic activities. The cell is working with the existing infrastructure and manpower. The cell is trying to foster the growth of the University by maximizing the usages of Information Technology.

The IT Cell look after the University work related with the Automation, Electronic Information Exchange, it also includes complete University Websites’ functioning such as uploading, unloading of information etc. The IT Cell also focus on the official E-mail id(s) management of the students, teachers and employees, online form filling and fee deposition (for admission and examination). The IT cell of University of Kota envision to 2 develop Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for the University Automation. Keeping in mind the need of the hour IT cell will take the responsibility of the implementation of the new trends in the campus, such as Virtual Class Rooms, Campus Network and campus Wi-Fi, Dark Zone removal etc. The cell will also facilitate on the more usages of the advanced information technologies and communication for avoiding the duplication of the work and hassle free functioning. 

Objectives of the Cell

  • Facilitating the growth of the University by speedup the work of Campus Network (NMEICT)
  • Facilitate University Campus with Wi-Fi facility
  • Establish University data Centre and mapping it with State Data Centre so information can be easily accessible for policy making.
  • Support e-Procurement related activities at the University.
  • ERP implementation for accounts Department, examinations Department and admission in college and University Departments.
  • Promotion of IT and IT enabled services for avoiding the duplication of the work with the help of the campus network and Internet.
  • Online availability of the Information through University website.
  • Community welfare by providing timely information on the University website and Social media.
  • Establishing the Virtual Classroom for the expansion of academics and arrange Virtual Lectures (webinars) with the help of IITs and IIMs and Universities of reputes at National and International level.
  • Promotion of Information Technology education and Information Technology-based education
  • Automation and digitalization of the Affiliation Department and Examination Department.
  • Easy and safe access of information between students and faculties.
  • Promote good Governance practice.
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