Office of the Proctor
Every student enrolled in the university should maintain strict discipline and decorum governed by the University. Any act of misconduct committed by a student inside or outside the campus shall be an act of violation of discipline of the University.

Violation of the discipline shall include:
  • Disruption of teaching, student examination research or administrative work, curricular or extra-curricular activity or residential life of the members of the University, including any attempt to prevent any member of the University or its staff from carrying out his or her work; and any act reasonably likely to cause such description.
  • Damaging or defacing University property or the property of member of the University of any other Property inside or outside the University campus.
  • Engaging in any attempt at wrongful confinement of teachers, officers, employees and students of the University camping inside or creating nuisance inside the boundaries of houses of teachers, officers and others members of the University.
  • Use of abusive and derogatory slogans or intimidatory language or incitement of hatred and violence or any act calculated to further the same.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited in the university Campus and outside University Campus. Students are advised to go through the “Anti Ragging” section of the prospectus.
  • Students should maintain discipline in the Campus, on educational tours, On-the-job training, summer training etc.
  • Students are prohibited to indulge in any kind of activity like teasing, ragging, molesting. Physical harassment, mental harassment, smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages etc.
  • Rules of attendance will be applicable as per the directions of Hon’ble High Court of Rajasthan.
  • Inside University Campus a student must always carry identity card with him/her and shall produce whenever asked for by the authorities, teacher and/ or University Security Staff.
  • Students found involved in any kind of in disciplinary activities will be subjected to punishment from the University Authorities.
Proctor of the University
Administrative Setup
Dr. Chakrapani Gautam,
Contatct: 0744-2209647, 9414339225 (M)

Dr. Chakrapani Gautam is proctor, University of Kota. He possesses more than 8 year of rich teaching experience in Drawing and Painting and completed his Doctorate on the nature of composition in the wall painting of Hadoti. He is Associate with University of Kota since 2006. He has participated in numerous national workshops and has added many golden feathers to his cap by adding a Midas touch to his paintings which speak about the Art & Culture of Hadoti Region. He contributes a great deal in maintaining discipline and decorum. He ensures a smooth conduct of behaviour among students inside or outside the campus.